REVIVE | 12 Week Strength Program

REVIVE | 12 Week Strength Program


Imagine this, you walk into your gym you've paid a membership to for forever but have barely used. (Don't worry we've all been there!) This time is different though. This time, you walk in knowing exactly what to do, how many reps, and how long to rest between. You're listening to your favorite playlist and get this-- you don't have to follow a video to get it all. Oh, you like joining me for all the terrible jokes in a follow along video? Don't worry, those are available too!

Allow me to introduce you to REVIVE!

ASH FIT's first follow along strength training program that gives you all the tools you need to strut into your gym knowing you're about to crush it!

12 Week Strength Program
4X Strength Programs / Week
Downloadable Training Tracker
Movement Video Library (:15-:30s videos)
16X Follow Along Workout Videos

Dumbbells are the essential piece of equipment! Everything else can be modified. But if you're looking to get the most out of the program the below equipment list is a game changer.

Kettlebell / Barbells (Options for heavy lifting)
Workout Bench
ASH FIT Resistance Bands (Mini & Long Bands)
Stability Ball
Foam Workout Kneeling Cushion/Mat

QUESTIONS: Feel free to email with any questions [email protected]

PHASE 1: January 3rd - 7th
PHASE 2: January 10th - 14th
PHASE 3: January 17th - 21st
PHASE 4: January 24th - 28th

REVIVE | 12 Week Strength Program

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