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Watch this video and more on ASH FIT

Watch this video and more on ASH FIT

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    EQUIPMENT: Workout Mat

    HIGHLIGHTS: Changing up the way we throw down a bodyweight circuit with a times ladder! From :10 second internals to 1:00 minute combos-- this one keeps you moving. Full body movements from high knees & plank walks, to core moves and lateral bounds!

    Don't forge...


    EQUIPMENT: Workout Mat, Mini Band Set, Long Bands

    HIGHLIGHTS: Low Impact & Wrist Friendly! We hit on a variety of different movements & only repeat circuits twice. Be ready to work, these transitions are quick.
    You can expect, banded legs, kneeling kickbacks, elbow plank variations, ove...

  • EDGY

    - Light Weights (optional)
    - Long Bands (optional)

    We love a sweaty cardio & core day! The light weight and bands are optional (but of course made it a little more spicy)!

    You can expect (2) 3 Min Cardio Rounds with power jacks and a fun twist on jump squats paired w...

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